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Not sure if your baby or toddler is on target?  Call or text me, or check out, a helpful website with resources and developmental checklists.

See below for helpful articles and resources:

Approaches to picky eaters:

Dr. Bobby Ghaheri, ENT, has a website with a wealth of information on tongue and lip ties, mostly related to breastfeeding: is an excellent evidence based website for breastfeeding related concerns


Dr. Jack Newman's website has nice videos illustrating babies drinking well at the breast vs. not drinking well, and how to tell the difference:

Kimi Nishimoto-Myofunctional Therapy Kimi offers family plans where if she works with one person in the family she will work with everyone for just cost of supplies


She cohosts a podcast called The Munch Bunch Myo Podcast. It's geared towards helping guide patients in their journey and giving information to the average joe in simple terms. We cover everything from myofunctional disorders, tongue tie symptoms in every stage of life (experts on babies, toddlers, kids, adults with ties), TMJ, expansion options, sleep disordered breathing in kids, sleep hygiene, gut brain, mold illness/lyme, we have so many topics! Our most famous guests are Coy Bowles from Zac Brown Band, James Nestor author of Breath, Dr Richard Baxter author of Tongue Tied, Dr Larry Kotlow the godfather of tongue tie releases. 


To watch/listen on spotify

To watch/listen on youtube

Jackie has completed a range of continued professional development courses throughout her career to ensure that she is able offer families the most up to date interventions.  


Education   |   Licenses & Certifications   |   Advanced Specialty Training


  • A.S. Sussex County Community College

  • A.A Sussex County Community College

  • B.S. in Applied Kinesiology from Rutgers University School of Health Sciences

  • M.O.T.  in Occupational Therapy from La Trobe University, Australia 

Licenses & Certifications

  • National Board Certified Occupational Therapist

  • New Jersey Licensed Occupational Therapist

  • ISSA: Specialist in Fitness Nutrition 

  • CIMHP: Certified Integrative Mental Health Professional


Advanced Training


  • TummyTime! Method 

  • Baby Reflexology

  • Svetlana Masgutova: Strengthen Stress Resilience and Immunity with MNRI® Reflex Exercises

  • Primitive Reflexes and How They Impact Development Presenter: Emily Roper Prentice, INPP

  • DIR 101: An Introduction to DIR® and DIRFloortime®

  • Mini Course_ Optimal Sensory Processing & Learning with Neurodevelopmental Movement

  • PROFESSIONAL Sensory Enrichment Therapy™ Certification

  • Educate 2B! Tools for Engaged Learning and Living 

  • Handwriting Without Tears Pre-K Readiness and Writing +K-5 Handwriting + Literacy and Math

  • Assessment and treatment of tethered oral tissues (tongue tie, lip tie, buccal ties) in infants

  • Infant Development & Milestones (including Tummy Time strategies)

  • Reflex Integration (Primitive and Postural)

  • Children’s Yoga Instructor (YogaRenew)

  • Prenatal Yoga Instructor (YogoaRenew) 

  • Pre- and Post- Frenectomy Practitioner 

  • Baby Massage Instructor (International Association of Infant Massage)

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