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Hi, I'm Jackie Owner of Wildflowers Wellness and Nourish to Flourish. I am passionate about supporting families in all things feeding, development, nutrition, tongue ties, bonding and optimal breathing and sleeping. All of these things affect parents' ability to bond and thrive with their baby and. I am here to help. I am a Pediatric Occupational Therapist and Specialist in Nutrition. Ever since I was young I’ve had a passion for health, wellness and working with children. Those passions have grown and evolved into what Wildflowers Wellness is now.

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I specialize in optimal functioning for children and the root cause of the issues that parents struggle with when it comes to their infants and into the toddler years. As a mom of 2 babies who have struggled with tongue ties, I’ve made it my life’s work to help other families. My training includes: Pre/post frenectomy therapy, TummyTime! Method, BabyMyofunctional, Torticollis, Baby Reflexology and Infant Pelvic Floor Therapy. It is all connected. Tongue ties have a bigger impact than just feeding. I provide comprehensive care to support optimal oral development for: Feeding Breathing and Airway Health Oral Health and Development Full Body Therapeutics & Bodywork Reach out to me any time and feel free to share my page with other new parents in your life. It takes a village and I’d be honored to be part of yours.


I am committed to providing a holistic therapeutic approach that respects the journeys of parenthood, motherhood, and infant development.  I have always been drawn to helping people and am so thankful that I came across a career that could allow me to dedicate my life’s work to each individual I come across. I was committed to becoming an occupational therapist- a profession whose motto is "Living life to its fullest.” That is the embodiment of my practice.

My journey through motherhood thus far has guided me in blending my dream career of providing parents with informed and evidence-based care in addition to nurturing their little ones on a developmental path that allows them to thrive. I am passionate about prenatal and early intervention care and believe parental education and health promotion is a powerful tool in helping each child to develop to their full potential. I specialize in helping babies who have 'colic' and tethered oral tissues.  As a first time mother, I immediately recognized the many gaps in resources and continuums of care pertaining to maternal health and babies with Tethered Oral Tissues (tongue ties).  I knew that I wanted to bridge those gaps, even if it was just a little bit with each client I saw. I also help people of all ages with nutrition coaching. Nutrition is a key aspect to physical AND mental health in all facades of life. It is safe to say that I am very passionate about my combined specialties and am so lucky to be part of so many beautiful journeys!

I am here because my children’s tonuge ties and impaired oral motor skills were the cause of ‘colic’ and sleep and feeding issues. I was discouraged from breastfeeding because my baby was having so many troubles with regulation and contentment. I knew something was wrong, but there was noone in my area that could help me. Specialist after specialist we seemed to fall under the radar. All along because of my background as an occupational therapist I knew something was going on and I needed to figure out the root cause. As my kids grew, we continued to expereice more issues with sleep /airway issues, sensory and behavioral issues, picky eating and speech and dental malocclions. The more I learned about the connection, the more I was shocked how so many providers missed all the signs. My passion is fueled for supporting parents in their journeys so they do not have to go through similar expereinces to mine. You do not have to do this alone.


I provide intervention in a variety of different environments: group classes, family home, clinic setting, virtually, outside in nature depending on the specific goals of the family and needs of the child. 

I have been an Occupational Therapist since 2016. I graduated from La Trobe University in Australia with a Masters in Occupational Therapy Practice. I started my career in an outpatient pediatric clinic, school-based OT and have since transitioned into owning my own practice now. 

Most parents don't realize this, but they have started early intervention from the moment the baby is placed on their chest after birth! It is never too late for a child to learn, however the earlier we work on skills the easier it is for the child and family.



Initial Consultation

A complementary phone call or video conference is scheduled to discuss you and your family's needs.


Complete Intake Packet

Please complete the initial intake forms sent via email. You may email when complete.


Initial Evaluation

Meet for the Initial Evaluation and determine next steps for treatment.

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