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Pediatric Occupational Therapy and Nutrition Support across the Lifespan


In home, Community based and Virtual Consults/Telehealth Offered 


Pediatric OT Specializing in Pre Crawling TOTs (Tethered Oral Tissues)


Holistic Nutrition and Wellness Services for the Whole Family! 

     Pediatric occupational therapy focuses on helping children develop the skills they need to grow into functional, independent children. We enhance the child’s ability to perform tasks or progress normally through the stages of motor, social and cognitive development.  We specialize in helping new moms feel connected and confident while caring for baby. We help infants and children reach milestones with strength and confidence.


     For baby, we cover all of those ‘hot topics’ that moms are anxious about: feeding, teething, introducing solids, sleep, and more! Moms love the fact that they are getting information from a reliable, professional source. As a occupational therapist, I can provide a unique, holistic view on motherhood, which moms won’t typically find at their local medical provider.

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Anika and Bodhi

I cannot recommend Jackie of Wildflowers Wellness enough! Jackie is so incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. We first got connected to Jackie after our son’s frenectomy and have continued working with her since. Throughout this time, we have learned so much from her groups and 1:1 sessions. She is so warm, caring, supportive, and takes a genuine interest in helping her clients. We are so grateful to have found Jackie and would blindfoldedly recommend her services to other families! 

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Kristin and Ella G. 

I knew that the next step to achieve my dream was my fitness. I always talked about working out and eating better, but nothing stuck. I always started strong but never followed through. But when I started with Jacked Fitness it stuck. I wasn’t only feeling better, I was getting better. My body was changing because I was watching my intake and not overeating. My mood was changing because I was eating good filling foods. I was learning how to balance my meals, and eat clean.  I also learned that eating healthy doesn’t mean cutting all the foods that we love out, it just means that we can portion it to make it better for us. Jacked Fitness has truly changed my life for the better and has taught me so many new things about the foods that we eat everyday. I owe all that I have accomplished in the last few months to them.

My daughter is a high performance field hockey player that was looking to elevate her game in ways other than her skills.  We knew that her fitness and nutrition needed attention but wanted to make sure it was done with care since she is only 13.  Coach Jackie was amazing right from the beginning by helping my daughter and myself understand that what we were embarking on was realistic and flexible.  She was in contact with us each week constantly assessing what she needed and helped her fill any gaps in her macro numbers with such ease.  She definitely knows what she is doing!  The transition to healthier eating was simple due to the fact that my daughter can still eat some of the things she loves.  The changes in her overall well-being, physique as well as stamina and strength have been tremendous.  She is performing at a higher level and feels great in all of her competitions and workouts!  Working with Coach Jackie has been an excellent addition to her training.

Happy Baby
Kristan and Matthew

Jackie with Wildflowersflourish has been a tremendous help throughout our sons journey with Torticollis, Plagiocephaly and a tongue tie. As parents, we wanted to find someone we could trust to work with our son. We not only saw improvement right away, but continue to after each session with Jackie. She is kind, compassionate, and listens to any concerns we may have. 
Although we started with at home sessions, Jackie has recently created a wonderful educational playspace. It focuses on developmental milestones while also providing an enjoyable social setting for the kids. 
I would highly recommend Jackie if you are looking for a trustworthy occupational therapist who will benefit the development and growth of your child. 


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