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Build Skills For A Bright Future

Take Control Of Your Baby's Development And Family Well-Being

Pediatric Occupational Therapy, Nutrition, And Childhood Development

From Birth Through Early Childhood

In Person In Hunterdon County, New Jersey and Everywhere Online 

Play Dates
with a Purpose

Flourishing Foundations offers expert-led playgroups to nurture your connection and ensure baby reaches milestones – all while having fun!

Encourage and strengthen developmental milestones through play, instruction, and connection.


Specializing In Helping Families With:

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Tongue Ties

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Oral Motor & Pediatric Myofunctional Therapy 

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Torticollus &

Head Molding/Turning

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Feeding From Nursing To  Starting Solids

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Orofacial Development & Airaway Health & Sleep

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Infant Development &


Meet Pediatric Occupational Therapist, Jackie Shea

Welcome to Wildflowers Wellness Home Office in Milford, New Jersey.

I am a board-certified and Licensed Occupational Therapist and a Nutritionist who specializes in maternal health, infant development and nutrition coaching across the lifespan.

I am committed to providing a holistic therapeutic approach that respects the journeys of parenthood, motherhood, and infant development.  

I specialize in helping babies who have colic and tethered oral tissues (tongue ties) and provide parents with informed and evidence-based care in addition to guiding them as they nurture their little ones on a developmental path that allows them to thrive. I am passionate about prenatal and early intervention care and believe parental education and health promotion is a powerful tool in helping each child to develop to their full potential.  


I provide education and intervention in a variety of different environments: group classes, virtually, or at my office in Milford, New Jersey.

I look forward to supporting, your infant, your big kid, and your family to living a life aligned with their potential.



Whether you thrive in personalized settings or enjoy the energy of a group, we have a program for you! In Milford, New Jersey, our expert occupational therapist and nutritionist offers one-on-one in-person sessions to craft a plan that perfectly suits your family's needs. Craving connection with other parents? Join our engaging group classes for babies zero-walkers, held conveniently in Milford, New Jersey. For those who prefer flexibility, our comprehensive virtual workshops allow you to learn valuable skills to support your baby's development, at your own pace, from the comfort of your home.

No matter your preference, we're here to empower you and your baby to thrive!

Baby Playing with Abacus

1:1 Infant


Milford, NJ

newborn - 12 mo


1:1 Pediatric


Milford, NJ

ages 1 - 7

Mother and Baby Exercising

Flourishing Foundations Play Class

Milford, NJ

ages 0 - walking

Holistic Health Coaching


all family members

Conscious Parent Coaching


for parents only

Kids Blowing Bubbles

Wild Buds

Nature Classes

Stewartsville, NJ (Coming Soon) 

ages 11mo - 7yr

Anika and Bodhi

I cannot recommend Jackie of Wildflowers Wellness enough! We first got connected to Jackie after our son’s frenectomy and have continued working with her since. Throughout this time, we have learned so much from her groups and 1:1 sessions. She is so warm, caring, supportive, and takes a genuine interest in helping her clients. We are so grateful to have found Jackie and we recommend her to everyone we know. 

Kristan and Matthew

Jackie with Wildflowersflourish has been a tremendous help throughout our sons journey with Torticollis, Plagiocephaly and a tongue tie. As parents, we wanted to find someone we could trust to work with our son. We not only saw improvement right away, but continue to after each session with Jackie. She is kind, compassionate, and listens to any concerns we may have. 

Kristin and Ella

Jackie has created a wonderful educational playspace. It focuses on developmental milestones while also providing an enjoyable social setting for the kids. I would highly recommend Jackie if you are looking for a trustworthy occupational therapist who will benefit the development and growth of your child. 

Client Success Stories

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